Titi Hayun Recreational Forest

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Titi Hayun Recreational Forest is situated in Gunung Jerai Reserved Forest. It is classified as lowland Dipterocarp Forest. Located in Yan Besar, Yan District and is about 33 km from Sungai Petani town.

Along the journey to this recreational area, visitors would have the opportunity to observe paddy fields, fruit orchards, rubber estates and traditional Malay villages.

The recreational forest got its name from the suspension bridge nearby which leads to the starting point of the steps to the peak of Gunung Jerai , known as Tangga Kenari Seribu Tahun (Appliances Kenari Year 1000).

Location MAP :

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The trails route was made of concrete stairs at a distance of 4793 metres to Gunung Jerai Resort with 1,334 total number of stairs:

(1st Level : 1162 stairs/ 2nd Level : 30 stairs/ 3rd Level: 142 stairs) .

It is the longest and most stairs in the forest ever built that is human in mutual, triggered by an idea of the former Chief Minister of Kedah, Tan Sri Dato 'Sri Sanusi Junid in his aims to promote nature-based tourism industry on May 5, 1997

Uniquely, the stairway was built without involving the cutting of trees along the route of the timber. Appliances Kenari is also often used as a training "Jungle Trekking" by secondary schools and training centers to encourage cultural motivation to climb hills fitness and recreation and to inculcate the spirit of love for nature God.

As for visitors who like challenges, Appliances Kenari Year 1000 is an interesting place to try. Trail that berliku-Prabowo and is in the path of reaching more than 45 degrees is very challenging and physical energy mental fatigue and difficulty this may not be felt because of the beauty of flora and fauna along the trail is very fascinating.

Apart from these, there is also another interesting 3 km trekking trails to explore that leads to the Puteri Mandi waterfalls.

Titi Hayun Recreational Forest has its own attractions, which offers activities like swimming, mountain climbing, trekking, wild life discovery as well as a picnic location for the whole family. Basic facilities provided by the park are chalets, dipping pool, children playground, resting huts, food stalls and toilets.

Visitor Information

Managed By: Kelab Sukan Dan Rekreasi Majlis Daerah Yan
Admission : Free

Car Parking Fee :  RM1.00


Council District YAN
06900 Yan, Kedah Darul Aman
Tel : 04-4655745 Fax : 04-4655990 
email : mdy@mdy.gov.my

 Gallery Preview of  Titi Hayun Recreational Forest :

The Welcome Signboard at the Entrance to the park

The Suspension Bridge entry point

A Gateway to Gunung Jerai Resort

Both sides of the bridge are fenced with wire netting for safety

Locals enjoy picnicking along the river

1,334 number of stairs to Gunung Jerai Resort start here

Chalets for overnight visitors

A nice dip in the tanning pool at the chalet

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