Ulu Legong Hot Spring

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Ulu Legong Hot Spring is located in Baling district at southern of Kedah state. Apart from relaxation, visitors use to come here to enjoy the natural hot mineral waters that believe to cure skin problems by immersing themselves in one of the available five hot spring pools.

It is approximately at 66 km from Sungai Petani town and 10 km from Baling town. 

The ideal time is at night when the temperature decreases, a nice hot dip in the pools offers therapeutic treatment especially for those with ailments or skin problems as the water content has high properties of sulphur at the best temperature at about 30ºC and 60ºC.

Baling is famed for fruits especially durians (King of Fruits). During fruit season between the months of June and August, a lot of local tropical fruits such as durians, rambutans, dokong, langsat, mangosteens and etc are made available on sales along the hilly roadsides.

 Location MAP :

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Visitor Information :

Entrance fee is cheap at only RM4.00 per person. Basic facilities provided here are car parking lots, resting huts and toilets. And for visitors who wish to have overnight stay may opt for the chalets.

Gallery Preview of Ulu Lengong Hot Spring :

Main pool

The Hot Spring Pools

Resting Hut

Garden Landscapes

Chalets for overnight visitors


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